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A dark psychological thriller, where nothing seems quite right. Find notes left in an ever-shifting landscape to uncover the mystery, and journey into the depths of the unconscious.

Hold SPACE bar to close your eyes, WASD to move, mouse to look and remember to keep warm, nothing is as it seems.


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Gave it a Let's Play and one of the notes are bugged?


Thank you for playing our game! Really great to see a let's play for my first published game. You were right, the game was made for 48 hour game jam so we didn't have time to quality assure our game. I hope the bugs didn't affect your enjoyment too much.

Besides just a few needed polishing, for a 48 hour game it is a good short indie horror


I enjoyed this game but there are a few things that I feel like made the game just a little less enjoyable. For instance (SPOILER): when you must close your eyes to cross the gap, I would fall and start descending infinitely without dying, causing me to have to restart the game. I loved the changing rooms but the transition between some of them (specifically in the room with the boxes stacked in the corner) was a little off putting. Those are minor issues though, and for a small scale game I enjoyed it a lot, from the music to the atmosphere to the clues and everything else. I was stumped for a little but at first but things became clear when I used my brain (I'm not good at puzzle games, even the most basic ones).  Overall pretty nice, it'd be nice to see this expanded into a full on game where the mechanics can be explored much more.

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Hi SilverGatling, thank you for playing our game! Really pleased to hear you enjoyed it enough to want to see the game expanded. 

Brad, our only programmer and lead designer somehow managed to pull this off in less than 72 hours, so we were all impressed that it worked as well as it did!

I appreciate the feedback! It's always a challenge to get these things right, would have liked to have a bit more time to fix the bugs you mentioned. Thank you for your encouraging words :)

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*SPOILERS AHEAD* But you should definitely play this game, so go and do that now, then come back here :)

I completely forgot about the monster at the end! Jumped out of my seat and died instantly! It definitely feels very atmospheric when you play it yourself on your own screen. I was completely sucked into the world. Reminds me of the original Resident Evil game. It felt very close quarters with lots of creepy music and dark hallways.

I'm not in the industry at all, very much a hobbyist, so you will have to take my feedback as a player and amateur dev. The movement was very fluid and I love that there were visual clues to your health (or in this case, temperature) instead of a HUD telling you you are on 10/100 warmth haha.

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it